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October 6 - Don Goebel you're a fool for thinkin' that taxin' the rich is gonna help Social Securi
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Don Goebel ... you're a fool for thinkin' that taxin' the rich is gonna help Social Security any more than it does already. ... You see, the only nice thing about Social Security is ... the more you pay in to it, the more you get paid in benefits. ... The assumption by Democrats is that ... they can tax ... the rich more ... and, yet, still only pay ... pay them a measley amount. ... It just is not gonna work.

Sunday night. No power. ... Little stretch of Nessmith Road. Everybody around me's got electricity. It's ... 9:30. I've been without power since 3:30. You can't get ahold of anybody on the telephone! There are no trucks out! ... Nuthing but those ... company line of ... 'we know you have an outtage. We'll get to you.' ... I believe we've been overlooked. I don't appreciate it.

It's apparent that Don Goebel's never owned his own business. ... Last year ... when Obama tinkered with the idea of ... raisin' ... income taxes ... and erasing the Bush-era ... tax cuts, I held off hiring new employees for the fear that my taxes would be increased by $60,000 a year. ... When the Republicans were voted in the House ... and the tax cuts renewed ... I was allowed to hire two new employees.

Kathy Bradley's column in Sunday's paper was beautiful. It makes me want to visit Ireland more than ever now. And her wonderful tribute to our men in the military service was right on. ... They are indeed respectful, honorable and dedicated to preserving our rights. We should all be so full of pride.

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