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October 5 - If spice made them do it who made them do the spice? I'm sure it doesn't just jump o
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If spice made them do it ... who made them do the spice? ... I'm sure it doesn't just jump off the shelf ... and up your nose.

Go, Big Blue! ... Carry on, Coach Monken. Good luck, Sir.

... This message is for the person that was callin' about how to keep squirrels away. ... Try sprayin' around the area that you want them to leave alone ... with wasp and hornet spray. ... This worked for me. It has kept them out of my attic ... and has also kept them out of my neighbor's flower pots. ... Hopefully this will work for you.

This is Sunday, September the 25th. I want to congratulate Georgia Southern on the fine football game they played last night. But I'm ... tellin' you the officialling ... was terrible. I don't know where they got their officials from ... but I hope they don't come back to Georgia Southern.

After reading the letter to the editor of Don Goebel Jr. ... I'm amazed at how ... naive he can be. ... You see, Mr. Goebel ... I am one of those millionaires who's also a small business owner here in Statesboro. Over the past 17 years ... when taxes have been low, I've been able to hire more staff, expand my business and give more raises and bonuses. The opposite is true when taxes go up. ... There is just not enough money in my ... business. ... Last year I paid over $430,000 ... in taxes. Don't tell me the rich does ... do not pay their share of tax.

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