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October 4 - I'm tired of the media blaming all of the Mideast unrest on this video. ... First of a
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I'm tired of the media blaming all of the Mideast unrest on this video. ... First of all, how many of these people have computers and Internet access? ... The Mideast is not the U.S. with computers in every home. ... Second, how is it that a two-month-old video just happened to surface exactly on the anniversary of 9-11? And how about ignoring the chants of 'We're all Osamas' ... when Obama and Biden have as the centerpiece of their reelection campaign, 'We killed Osama!

While we enjoy seeing people interested in politics, it would be nice if some of the student groups that are putting out all of the political signs... would get permission from the property owner first. ... Not the realtor, which may have the property listed, but from the actual property owner. ... Some of the signs are being taken down and trashed because they are not supposed to be up there. So, if you want your political signs and don't want them to be thrown in the trash - regardless of which party you re affiliated with - please find out who owns the property ... and get permission. ... Don't put signs in front of people's property on ... the right of way either if you don't have permission to put it there. ... That would be a great thing. Thank you.

I had my first experience with Sweet Cheeks Bakery last week. ... The cupcakes were wonderful and the hospitality in the bakery was contagious. Way to go, girls!

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