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October 31 - The veterans' jobs bill that was voted down by the Republicans in the Senate ... was vo
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The veterans' jobs bill that was voted down by the Republicans in the Senate ... was voted down because ... he didn't have the money to pay for it. ... He violated the cap on spending ... agreed to by Congress last year. Now, if you wanna step up to the plate ... and pay for it ... well, go for it. But since we're borrowin' over a trillion dollars a year more than we take in ... at some point and time ... it's all gonna collapse. ... And you probably'll enjoy it. You'll probably be complainin' ... that ... veterans didn't get a job. Now, I'm a veteran. I haven't had a problem findin' a job. ... You just gotta go ... know where to go look. ... Bye.

During the presidential debate, we saw the typical Republican, who is kind and considerate in Paul Ryan. ... In Joe Biden, we saw the typical Democrat, who is obnoxious and rude. ... Biden was cons ... constantly interrupting ... smiling ... laughing and snickering when Ryan was answerin' a question. ... and to think, Biden is one heartbeat away from becoming president. God help us. Thank you.

... I will make a prediction today ... October the 13th ... that if Romney wins ... Democrats will riot in major cities across the United States. ... Buildings and cars will be torched ... and people will be killed. Obama has divided the people of this great country so much ... that if we ... we'll never be the same. ... If Obama wins, Republicans will continue to be ... law-abiding citizens ... although some ... will probably move out of the country. ... Stick this prediction on your refrigerator door and look at it ... at it November the 7th. Thank you.

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