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October 30 - This message is for the person that had called in about havin' problems with squirrels
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733

This message is for the person that had called in about havin' problems with squirrels ... eating up their pecan crop. ... I had ... called in earlier and suggested using the wasp and hornet spray. ... That ... worked to start off with, but it's not workin' now. ... So, I have found a repellent at Lowe's®. ... They have granule and they have the liquid spray ... several different kinds of ... repellents that are intended ... to keep squirrels, moles, armadillos, you name it, whatever, at bay. ... And hopefully ... it'll work. I'm hopin' it's gonna work for me. Bye-bye.

If I were a Bulloch County commissioner ... I would explain how the SPLOST monies have been spent for the last six years ... so I, the voter, can decide if you are worthy of managing 82 million more dollars.

Congratulations to the Georgia Southern University football Eagles. Keep up the good work. ... But, another great aspect of the Saturday football experience is our Southern Pride Marching Band. With a new director, new uniforms and new instruments, they're looking good and playing great music. ... The fans are not even leaving the stands at halftime. ... The type of music they're performing ... will make you feel happy. ... Keep up the good work. Way to go, Southern Pride!

This is to the idiot callin' in about me, the millionaire. ... You see ... when I was young, I grew up in a very small home ... 'bout 800 square feet with four kids in one bedroom. ... When I got a job, I worked hard, sometimes workin' two or three jobs. ... At age 28, I decided to go back to school and get myself a degree. ... By the time I was 35, I opened a business here in town ... and started workin' hard and make good money. Now, I'm 47 ... and a millionaire. But I still work 60 hours a week, including most nights and weekends. ... And I hire lazy people like you sometimes that don't give a crap. ... They just wanna come get a paycheck ... and that's why you're stuck where you are.

People do not reject the Bible ... because it contradicts itself ... but because it contradicts them.

I'd like the law ... to get out here and slow these log trucks down on Brooklet-Leefield Road ... before I do. I'm sure the law's method will be a lot cleaner ... and a lot safer ... than my method. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

In answer to the call about the poor millionaire ... moaning about the taxes he pays. ... First of all, I think somebody is hallucinating ... or lying. ... If not, then he's not a small businessman at all. Well, boo-hoo anyway.

This is re ... in response to the fool that called about the ... millionaire. ... What he doesn't realize is there's a lot of us millionaires in town ... and you can't tell us walkin' 'round Wal-Mart ... or ... shoppin' in Bi-Lo, et cetera. ... We look just like you do and work a lot harder. ... Your boss is probably a millionaire. ... And your neighbor's boss. ... What makes us millionaires? We work hard. We don't sit around and ... drink beer and ... watch TV and eat potato chips.

Y'all just don't get it. ... Talk about tax the rich, but who do you think the rich are? ... The rich are the small business owners in this town. ... We are the people that hire everybody else and keep their jobs. ... You go taxin' them more ... and you've got less jobs. ... And then you talk about tax the corporations. ... Whadya think these small businesses are? They're corporations.

Amen about churches in Wednesday's ... October 12th, Soundoff. They also disregarded the members of the older ... mind. ... Rather than casting off our wisest minds or belittling their contributions, we should help them claim their place in the church. ... In a very real sense, the opportunity to have a voice in the church's ministry has been earned. ... Our culture shames itself by catering to the younger crowd ... who has less knowledge of what the church ought to be doin' ... while bypassin' the ... people in whom the spirit of God has been workin' for 50 years or more.

Continue about the churches of the day. It is not about lettin' the older people run the church. It is about followin' the rules of the church that an older person would know about. ... It's wrong to think that God protects people just because of the religious things we do. ... Just because we're reading the Bible, praying and fellowshiping with others, doesn't mean that God is somehow then obligated to do something for us. ... We must learn to serve ... rather than bein' served; to learn from others rather than clammorin' for the teaching stand.

This is for Forrest Gump who pulled out in front of me in front of the sheriff's office this morning. ... If I was going 60 miles an hour like you thought, why would you pull out in front of me? ... Are your crazy ... or just plain stupid? ... That truck is not a Z-28, where you can pull out into traffic and get out of the way. ... I hope you learn your lesson. Thanks. Bye.

It's a shame when an elected official who is running for reelection ... will not take part in a public forum bein' held to allow citizens ask questions. ... Sure sounds as if he's hiding something.

... I would just like to thank Coach CY ... the basketball ... the new basketball coach at Georgia Southern for having his ... athletic staff ... riding the float in the fair parade. It was really a great ... great opportunity to see ... him support the community. ... And also thanks to McDonald's for having his basketball team on their ... float. It was really inspiring to see ... Georgia Southern ... giving to the community.

... This is to the ... this message is to the ... sorry SOB ... that ... chopped my vine on my mailbox on Black Creek Church Road. Won'tcha come down and take a visit with me ... all right? Show a little ... like you got a little backbone instead of doin' stuff behind my back. ... Why don't you come on down and see me, buddy? ... Thank you very much.

Them damn trucks! ... Dem damn loggin' trucks gotta slow down! ... Them kids better be careful. Them loggin' trucks better slow down!

Churches are pampering their congregations with an entertainment mentality ... that leads to biblical ignorance. ... They should be ... paving the way for His return by sowing the gospel.

My daughter and her friend went to the fair Tuesday night. It closed early due to rain. But they had bought a wrist band at around 7 o'clock ... but did not get reimbursed for any ... of that ... $18. I think that's wrong.

Well, it's Thursday ... October 20th. ... And news is just comin' in ... that Moammar Gadhafi has been killed. ... I'm just wondering how long it will be before Barack Obama ... starts taking full credit for it. ... Jumping on every fence he can find and crowing.

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