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October 29 - Some people think it's funny to tell people that people on crack in Bulloch County. W
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Some people think it's funny to tell people that people on crack in Bulloch County. ... Well, I just got federal ... government involved and they're gon' do federal ... investigations with these people. ... And we will get down to the bottom of it and someone's gonna either lose their job ... or they gon' have problems in the future. ... Keep in mind, people of Bulloch County ... falsely accused ... there is ... a number in Atlanta for the federal government ... that can be called and you can report it ... and they will help you go through it and file a report. Thank you. Bye.

This is for me and everybody in Bulloch County that go to DFACS, turn in the correct information ... and it gets lost and due to their loss, us disability people can't even see the doctor because we lose our Medicaid. ... These people at DFACS in Bulloch County ... really need to do their job so our ... benefits are not snatched away because they're choose to just throw our paperwork in the trash. Either we knew new workers there ... or either they need to just ... move our DFACS to another location ... and put good employees in there that will look out for the good of the disabled and the people that actually need help. ... Thank you and have a wonderful day.

There ... should be a noise ordinance over here 'round Morris Street. ... Got some lil' ol' gal in that lil' mixed-up green and purple and all kinda car. ... I don't know what she call that, but she just keep runnin' up and down the street over here. ... Somebody, please be care ... police over here ... listen' to this here loud music this time of the mornin' she runnin' up and down the street wit. She need to get somewhere and sit down before some of these young gals beat the devil out of her.

Hidden in the legal ads in Thursday's paper was the referendum for the vote on ... November the 8th ... for the six-year special sales tax. ... If approved, the referendum ... gives authority for the county to immediately borry ... $12 million against the sales tax. ... What is goin' on? Why borry $12 million and pay interest? ... What is the ... project that so desperately needs $12 million? ... I would like to see ... an accounting ... with how the present sales tax is bein' spent before I vote on this again.

How 'bout the ... Georgia DOT? ... They cleaned up Highway 80 for the Peanut Festival. ... They cleaned up a little bit for ... Turpentine Festival. ... They cleaned up a little bit on 67 for the fair. ... How 'bout y'all be a four for ... four and clean up ... the bypass for Georgia Southern football games? ... All right then.

I'll be so glad when the Georgia Southern football team rolls into Tuscaloosa. ... Let's see how many times the GSU announcer says, 'Put an Eagle six on it' that day. ... Roll, Tide!

I don't even live in the city. I live in the county. ... But, there's no reason to fine ... givin' the council ... or ... or make them pay for their meetings and what they've done. ... Vote 'em out. ... That's all it takes. Get somebody else in there. Vote those guys out.

Well, I've been watchin' the news here lately and it sure seems that our President Obama ain't too concerned about what happens with the American taxpayin' dollar. ... Wanna lend half a trillion dollars to some BS green company like Surrenda. Kiss my tail! ... Spend the money on creatin' jobs, wealth and opportunity.

... I realize that I lost my temper with the above post. What I said was inappropriate and taken out of just anger and emotion. I believe the American people need to draw ... together, become one strong union ... and move together.

I'm responding to the lady... to the single mom ... that lost the barbecue grill out of the ... back of the truck. ... Now, you said that you would ... give me the ... charcoal ... if I would call ... and let you know that I had it. ... I would also like some ... maybe a bag of hickory chips ... and a coupla ... bottles of good ... sauce to go with it. ... And ... please call Soundoff and ... let me know ... where you gon' drop this stuff off. Thank you very much.

Please do not give bubble gum or chewin' gum on Halloween. Kids will chew it for a few minutes, then throw it down on driveways and sidewalks. Also, remind kids that littering is bad. They should put empty candy wrappers back in their bag to throw away at home.

This message is for the person that had called in about havin' problems with squirrels ... eating up their pecan crop. ... I had ... called in earlier and suggested using the wasp and hornet spray. ... That ... worked to start off with, but it's not workin' now. ... So, I have found a repellent at Lowe's®. ... They have granule and they have the liquid spray ... several different kinds of ... repellents that are intended ... to keep squirrels, moles, armadillos, you name it, whatever, at bay. ... And hopefully ... it'll work. I'm hopin' it's gonna work for me. Bye-bye.

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