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October 28 - I wish somebody would tell me what happened down there at the car wash on Johnson Stree
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I wish somebody would tell me what happened down there at the car wash on Johnson Street day before yesterday. ... I saw a police down there. Did he go up in there and tear up some furniture? And then the city gon' hafta pay for it? ... Seem like that's ... what happened once before. ... Somebody ... called the police. ... The police went up in somebody's house and tore up some furniture and the city had to pay for it and ... and I know'd it was a lie because ... the person just wanted to get some new furniture. ... And so I was wonderin' ... if maybe that's what happened on Johnson Street.

... Does anyone know how to get rid of armadillos besides shooting them at 3:30 in the morning? ... And also, do you need a special permit ... if their in the city? Thank you.

... Once again, driving down Highway 67 ... can anybody tell me why there are no passing lanes on this road between the interstate and the city limits? ... The traffic is horrendous he ... on this road and it always has been.

... Who planned a holiday at BA ... on Friday with a football game? ... Same person ... planned ... Homecoming ... In September in the heat. ... Same person ... that made all the new dress code rules. ... G-r-r-eat!

To the person sounding off about the gas prices: have you considered purchasing a 10-cent discount card from any of the gas merchants? Thank you.

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