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October 26 - You know, I was just comin' out the county courthouse. They was lettin' out court.
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You know, I was just comin' out the county ... courthouse. ... They was lettin' out court. ... Nobody in there seem but one guy - look like he might've been a college student - had sense enough ... to go out the right door. ... They was all goin' ... out the door ... where the ... security checks is. ... There was another door over there that says Exits ... big red sign over there says Exits. You gotta wait ... 'til they get through ... comin' out through ... the entrance door. ... These people don't read?

If at work for Fox News, most folks would probably think ... that Obama's jobs bill or second stimulus bill - 'cordin' to how you look at it - would've passed except for the evil Republicans ... and the Senate. But now they know that some Democrats voted against it. That might be why the liberal media ... hates Fox News so much.

... I was callin' in about ... all the little green houses that's on Pine Street. ... Can anyone tell me why haven't them little houses been condemned? ... I mean, wow! It's like ... below poverty. Shouldn't no one hafta live in them situations. ... Can sumethin' be done about this? Condemnin' that whole block. It's crack-infested. It just need to come down. It's ... it's terrible. Thank you. Have a good day.

I don't know who come up with this Jailbird magazine ... but they need to put ... be put in the Jailbird magazine their self. It's humiliating ... for people that's not even been proven guilty yet. ... And by the way, I've never been in the Jailbird ... but ... if I ever am, I'm a sue 'em.

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