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October 25 - This is to the young lady that is a that works at the loan company uptown across
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... This is to the young lady ... that is a ... that works at the loan company ... uptown across from the muffler shop. ... I would just like to commend her on a job well done. ... She goes above and beyond her call of duty to help the customer ... who actually keeps that business running is the customer. ... Now, if you could get two more like her ... then you would have a great business. ... You have a great day. Thank you very much.

You better check ya locks on your doors ... I found that ... some of these churches ... and the houses ... there's somebody tamperin' with the locks, tearin' 'em up ... where your keys just go round and round in the lock. ... So, I'm a suggest that the police department ... make it known to the people ... and make sure they check their locks on their doors.

When is someone going to do something ... about the eyesore at the Nevils-Groveland ... Nevils-Denmark ... Road? ... That's ... it's ... a terrible situation there. ... A eyesore to the community.

It seems to me ... there is somethin' wrong with this picture. ... A widow woman in her 80s ... just tryin' to make it on her own ... on a very limited income ... but havin' to pay $1342.44 ... just in ... for school tax.

I'm an American male that is desperately seekin' work and can't understand why ... somebody would hire an illegal ... alien ... to take a job from a legal American. ... If there is somebody that is hirin' ... that wants a legal American, please, let me know.

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