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October 24 - "... I'm one of the residents in Pretoria Station. ... Our entrance is beginnin' to loo
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... I'm one of the residents in Pretoria Station. ... Our entrance is beginnin' to look quite bad. We need to have a work day or some that's able ... to get the weeds and the growin' grass out of there. And then there's a house up near the front ... that I don't know if it wasn't for cars in the yard, I wouldn't know that anybody lived there because it's so grown up and that needs to be straightened to make the entrance look better. ... Thank you.

Regarding Sunday's ... Soundoff. It was not a contemptuous remark that Romney made. It was absolutely true, unfortunately. ... And I heard a 9-year-old the other day say, 'You vote for Romney. He's gonna take away our food stamps. You're gonna lose your Peach Care. We're gonna not have anything if Romney gets elected.' And that is the way ... the 47 percent thinks. Thank you.

Statesboro Blue Devils football, stay focused and ... keep winnin'. ... Burke County and wayne County arealready sayin' they gon' play for the region championship. Just stay focused and keep playin' that Blue Devil football. Go, Devils!

I agree with the Soundoff statement politicians can change their minds. ... However, when you have Romney changing his position on everything on a daily basis, that's not the definition of leadership. ... That's the behavior of a cynical politician with no core beliefs ... ideas and values.

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