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October 24 - I'd like to ask the readers of Soundoff a question. Why should the city council eve
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I'd like to ask the readers of Soundoff a question. ... Why should the city council ... even waste their time meeting with the TEA Party? The TEA Party has been elected by no one. I mean, no one. They are ... bunch of ... racist ... hoodlums. ... Tell me why the TEA Party should meet with the ... the ... the ... The TEA Party ain't nuthin'!

This is the first election that I have ever seen that some of the candidates are not identifying their parties on their campaign posters. If they are that ashamed of their own parties, how can they expect us to support them? ... And why are they running? Maybe they should consider changin' parties.

Why do the schools say 'get involved' ... and when you try to get involved, they push you away? ... I agree ... with the lady in Soundoff today ... that the schools act like dictatorships instead of schools. ... They do not hafta have everything their way. ... We ... the parents should have ... a say-so also ... without joining the PTA ... for $25.

I took my grandchildren to the fair last night. It's a beautiful, clean, wonderful place. ... The only thing spoiling it ... we had to stand up to eat ... because people that were not eating were sitting at the tables ... just sight-seeing or sitting to be seen, which is rude. When you see a family standing up to eat and you're not consuming food, you really should get up and move on.

Can anyone tell me ... why people ride their bicycles ... in the road ... when there's sidewalks?

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