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October 23 - "A challenge for all you ... black Christians, as well as you white Christians. You'll
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A challenge for all you ... black Christians, as well as you white Christians. You'll probably learn something, too. And especially all of you church pastors out there. ... You need to go to YouTube ... and watch Bishop E.W. Jackson's message to black Christians. ... The man pulls no punches. He tells it like it is. Very good. Very, very good.

... How does a professing Christian go to church on Sunday ... then turn around and vote for Democratic ... politicians ... when the majority of the Democrats don't even want God mentioned in their platform?

I'm disgusted at the fact that some people ... that get lawyers ... can get out of probation and DUI court. Since when ... does lawyers and judges ... make the law? ... Everyone should be punished equally ... money or no money.

It's a sad statement when the GOP knows they have to rig elections with voter suppression ... spend a billion dollars on dishonest advertisement ... and obstruct the economic recovery just to win elections. ... You would think just by being honest, caring and patriotic would be easier.

... This is a word to the wise. ... If someone gossips to you ... they will gossip about you. ... You can put that in the bank.

... Twenty-five years ago ... we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. ... Today we have Barack Obama, no cash and no hope. Thank you.

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