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October 21- Safe Haven did a wonderful job with the first ... annual Dancing With the Stars competit
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Safe Haven did a wonderful job with the first ... annual Dancing With the Stars competition. ... But, I'm just wondering what the judges were thinking. ... There was one couple - Debbie and Chet - that completed a faw ... a flawless dance routine that had very high difficulty ... and they didn't even end up in the top three. I just want this couple to know that they were clearly my favorites and were clearly the best dancers out there. Thank you.

We work all our lives ... payin' Social Security taxes. ... And then they'll give us maybe a thousand, $1200, $1500 a month to live on. ... And then if we do real well and accumulate ... a wealthy estate ... when we pass away ... they wanna come in and ... take 35 to 50 percent of that and tax us ... after we've build it to pass on to our families. We need to clean house in Washington. Put new people up there that will ... reform this tax ... code that we have ... and leave the money in the American people's hands who are earning it. Don't penalize us for ... being successful.

I am really surprised ... that we don't see every ... tag on every car in every parkin' lot of every church ... displaying 'In God We Trust' on the tag.

... This is ... in regards to Holli Deal Bragg's ... article in the Friday ... Statesboro Herald about the ... Chevy® ... Colorado. I just wanted to tell her it ... should be ... Chevy® Silverado. Thank you very much.

I thought that was a wonderful article ... on the Mattie Lively ... in today's paper. But I honestly thought ... that special education ... would have been placed with special needs ... because of the stigma.

... You idiot in the ... Camaro® ... I've stopped twice when you pulled in my lane twice. I will not stop a third time. You better think about that if you want that pretty car kept in one piece.

When making a turn, turn your turn signal on first and then ... hit your brakes. Do not hit your brakes or you gonna get hit from behind. And stay in your own lane. Do not cut across the other lane.

This is for the ... post office in Statesboro. ... I think you need to do a refresher course with your ... postal workers ... and let them learn how to do their alphabet and their numbers ... all over again. I have never seen so much mis-boxed mail ... every day! ... I put in eight to 10 pieces back in the mis-boxed box slot every day I come in there. ... Could y'all go back to school? I think we learn that in the first grade.

A local resident tried to use her Discover® card to pay for a prescription. The card was rejected twice. ... It turns out that ... a person had tried to use that card ... in Ohio. ... They were able to use it, but then they tried to use it two more times. It was rejected. ... And that's how I found out that my Discover® card had been used in Ohio. So ... people beware. Thank you.

This is for the person who called us folks who live on the Ogeechee River pathetic: sorry, Gator Breath ... but, we're not goin' to just let that go. ... We goin' to keep fightin' it until that God-forsaken place either shuts its doors or ... cleans up its act, whichever comes first. ... Oh, and by the way, it's a whole lot more than just money. ... God make the river for folks to use and enjoy. ... Not to pollute and turn into a cesspool of chemicals and dead fish. Have a lousy day.

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