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October 20 - In calling in for two reasons. ... Number one, to wish Roxie Remley a happy 93rd birthd
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

In calling in for two reasons. ... Number one, to wish Roxie Remley a happy 93rd birthday. ... And also to tell those people that ... don't like the eagle art ... that ... artwork is not ... for everyone. ... And perhaps they'll find some artwork sometime that they might like. Thank you.

It has been five days since I had X-ray here in Statesboro. ... My doctor yet hasn't been notified. ... But I noticed one thing on my ... medical report. ... Outside of my name in big bold print ... my birthday ... 1924. ... Is that ... the reason my doctor hasn't been notified yet? ... Goodbye.

You know you live in a country run by idiots ... if an 80-year-old woman can be strip-searched ... by the TSA, but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to havin' her neck and head searched.

Dinesh D'Souza's book, 'Obama's America,' on which the recent film is partially based, contains 21 pages of footnotes that cover everything from government documents to President Obama's own writings and speeches. ... If D'Souza has libeled President Obama, the president is perfectly free to sue the author.

Dinesh D'Souza might be seen as a delusional ... a discredited crackpot ... liar and birther ... with bizarre and fact-few theories ... but everyone said the same things about Noah, too. ... And then they saw the light when the rain started. ... But, then now, some people ... call the Bible a lie. ... Well, one day we'll all know the truth, won't we?

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