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October 19 - "I'm tired of hearin' all these Republicans whine and complain about President Obama's
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I'm tired of hearin' all these Republicans whine and complain about President Obama's stimulus plan. ... Don't they remember that our Republican Governor Perdue accepted $7 billion of stimulus money ... and used it wisely ... to keep the state from goin' bankrupt? ... Without stimulus funds, Georgia would've been in a mess a whole lot worse than any recession. ... Governor Deal inherited a state treasury that was not broke ... and he's presiding over an economy that's gaining strenghth because the state was bailed out by the federal system of government. ... Any Georgia politician who condemns the stimulus is not just a hypocrite. ... He simply does not know what he's talkin' about. Period!

I would like to thank the Bulloch County Sheriff's Department for the job they do in putting their lives on the line for us each day. ... However, there is about 5 percent of the officers ... who have the authority go to their head. They are rude ... disrespectful, opinionated and obvious when they're in the field on an investigation ... who they believe. I believe they should only be going by the book in enforcing the law ... and that's it. I hope somebody can correct this problem. I've heard it many times in Bulloch County. Thank you.

Bees and bats and ceiling wax of cabbages and kings. ... Excuse me, dear, dear, Mr. Carroll ... but this very day ... I feel like I'm in Fairyland.

On July 19, 2012 ... 42 Republican senators filler-bustered ... the Bring Jobs Home Act ... to end tax deductions for companies moving jobs out of America. ... And Republicans call themselves the job creators? ... Seriously?

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