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October 19 - God will not be on America's side until America gets on God's side. Whose side are yo
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God will not be on America's side ... until America gets on God's side. Whose side are you on? ... You need to start actin' like it.

... Do you realize that ... the presidents retire and draw $180,000 a year plus all the security ... for the rest of their life? ... The congressmen and senators get $175- to $220,000 a year for the rest of their life. ... Our soliders ... that are deployed in Afghanistan might get $38,000 a year. ... Social Security benefits ... for the average senior, $12,000 a year. I think we know where we need to go and start cuttin' ... to get our country in financial ... security, don't you?

Seems like ... way too much attention's bein' placed ... paid to Troy Daivs, the murderer ... rather than the ... gentleman, the police officer, that was doin' his job and got killed by Mr. Davis. I hate to call him Mr. Davis. ... Seem like all the attention ought to be on the victim and the victim's family ... rather than the criminal, Davis, who had a long history of criminal behavior.

I'd like to address this rich man that ... is braggin' about hirin' two new employees. ... The Bush tax cuts has been lifted for over 10 years. ... Where ... where ... where the new jobs at? Why didn't you hire before the ... you hired the two? ... Ha, ha, ha!

I just wonder why ... you built such a nice ... bypass around Statesboro ... but we still have log trucks which go right down through town ... down pass the mall, people stoppin' and goin'. ... Wake up, Statesboro, before somebody gets killed. Thank you and have a nice day.

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