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October 18 - Please print. On Pulaski Highway on the bypass will you please put up a light that
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Please print. On Pulaski Highway on the bypass ... will you please put up a light ... that says left ... and right? Because someone else is gonna get hurt. There have been so many peoples got hurt there. so, will you please put a light that will tell the peoples when to turn ... and when to go? ... Thank you.

To the poor millionaire businessmen paying all those taxes he was moaning about in Soundoff. ... I am sure nearly everyone reading about your plight was shedding alligator tears. ... Life must be really rough for you compared to us working stiffs. So try very hard to have a nice day. And don't spill the mint julep you are sipping on ... while lounging in your jaccuzzi in your palatial manor served to you by your butler ... as you read The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

There's a house ... that is located on Lanier Road ... off of Zetterower ... the third house on the ... right, that is filthy in the middle of ... the city. They have paper and boxes like it's a trash ... bin. If the city wanted to ... violate or issue fines ... this ... that's where they should be a house that they look at. It doesn't make any sense. Come on, people. Let's get it together ... and keep our neighborhood clean.

Correction from my last ... recording. ... To the house that's located on Lanier Road ... the third house on the right. ... It's filthy. ... The neighbors and the neighborhood do so much to keep the neighborhood clean and keep their yards upkept ... and trash out of the yards. ... Our ... our yards actually look good on Lanier Road. ... And it's this one house that is filthy ... Come on, people! ... Let's keep our neighborhood clean. There are some that's doin' our job and some that just ... don't care. Please, please, let's get it together. ... For the sake of our environment.

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