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October 18 - ... Mitt Romney called the terrorist act in Libya exactly what it was. He was right on
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... Mitt Romney called the terrorist act in Libya exactly what it was. He was right on message. ... And anybody that's worked in the Middle East as a civilian ... knows that the American embassy ... is U.S. property and anybody attacks it, is attacking the United States. ... But ... if you've lived here in the United States all your life ... and you've got most your ... income from the federal government ... you wouldn't know that. ... You need to get out more. ... You'll find out Mitt Romney's right ... and Obama's just appeasing the Muslim population, which is gonna be big trouble for us down the road. ... Wait and see. ... Bye.

... President Obama has done a good job ... of destroyin' America ... as we know it. ... If he continues, he'll finish us off. ... Now that's real change.

... Republicans constantly complain ... there is wide-spread voter fraud. ... Yet, the only fraud uncovered recently ... was by a Republican group in Florida and Colorado. ... Another prime example of your GOP party of nothing. ... No ethics, no ideas and no leaders.

... The vote by ... college students on raising the ... student activity fee ... has proven once again that college students at Georgia Southern have ... more money than brains. ... Oh. But, oops! It's not their money. It's their parents' money, so it's okay. Bye-bye!

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