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October 15 - I think the mayor and city council should have to pay out of their pockets for deli
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I think the mayor and city council should have to pay ... out of their pockets ... for deliberately ... havin' meetings that were illegal. They knew it. They did it anyway ... and they did it to hide somethin' from the taxpayers. ... I don't know why we have to pay for their stupid mistakes. It's time they were taught a lesson and had to pay it themselves. We should dock their salaries.

I can't wait to get my next light bill. ... I know it's gonna be a lot cheaper because the power company's ... not gonna be sendin' people out ... burning gas, tearin' up trucks, payin' high salaries ... to read the meters anymore. So, that means we're gonna get a good reduction in our light bill. ... Hot dog!

I wonder why it is ... that the unions always wanna go on strike ... when the economy's bad. Short while ago it was the professional football players. Now, it's the professional basketball players. ... They're makin' millions in salaries and endorsements already. ... And they wanna cost the fans more prices ... higher prices at the ticket box. ... Greed, greed, greed. We should just stay home and watch 'em on television.

... I would think ... like to thank the family of the lady who was in ICU for two weeks in serious condition. ... Not one family member was there, not even a phone call, to support her from ... her ... daughter, granddaughter and longtime boyfriend. It's a shame some think that they are better than others. But what goes around will come around. May God bless you. Party on! Where? What night? What deejay? Everybody needs a family like this one. And you know who you are. Have a nice day.

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