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October 14 - Last week, I bought gas for $3.18 a gallon in Augusta. Monday, I bought it for $3.23
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Last week, I bought gas for $3.18 a gallon in Augusta. ... Monday, I bought it for $3.23 in Savannah. ... And today it's $3.31 the cheapest in Bulloch County. Does the term price-gouging come to mind?

Through the years, good journalism has exposed scandal and corruption ... in government and ... big business. ... Why does the Statesboro Herald ... let the school board meetings and the county commissioner meetings and city council meetings of small towns ... go unreported? ... Someone needs to be the public watchdog. It should be the local paper.

We have an election ... on November the 8th and a presidential election next year. Are you registered to vote? The last day is October the 11th. ... Don't forget. Your vote does count. We can make a difference.

I rode by the Great Dane buildin'. It's an impressive buildin'. But all the signs show ... out of town contractors. ... Material rolls in on trucks from out of county. They just roll up off 16 to 301 and go back the same way. I sure hope they hire some folks from Bulloch County. That's our tax dollars at work.

Saw Obama on the news sayin' that he had no regrets about wastin' $550 American taxpayer dollars ... on that loan to that solar energy company that went belly-up. ... Guess that's what he thinks 'bout what the American taxpayers, huh?

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