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October 14 - "I am lookin' at Tuesday's, September 25th paper. ... Somebo ... and the headline says
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I am lookin' at Tuesday's, September 25th paper. ... Somebo ... and the headline says, 'Somebody has to win' above Romney and ... Obama's picture. ... One of 'em has to win. ... But whichever one gets in, our nation is still going to lose.

I'm talkin' about the people not wantin' to hear about the Bulldogs. I'm from Athens and I live in ... Bulloch County now. ... And I worked at the football stadium and I'm really interested in what goes on ... at the Bulldogs' games. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Delete - Merge UpWhy haven't you been putting the baseball information in the paper? ... The Sunday paper and today's ... Tuesday, had nothing. ... You know, there are ... also baseball fans ... that are interested in the playoffs ... picture and pennant races.

... The city of Sylvania is in bad financial trouble. ... They're furloughing people, letting people go and they have an ace in the hole ... if they will make all ... property owners in Sylvania and the city of Sylvania pay city taxes. ... It would help a whole lot financial and maybe no more people'll have to lose their job. ... So, the mayor and ... city manager needs to ... mull that over ... and see if they can't ... get some of 'em payin' their taxes. ... Thanks.

... Teachers ... honk your horns if you feel like an unprofessional ... with the new standards ... handed down by the state and Bulloch County.

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