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October 13 - "This is for all of you Troy Davis fans who are so opposed to the death penalty. There
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This is for all of you Troy Davis fans who are so opposed to the death penalty. There will be another execution in the state of georgia October 5th or 4th, I'm not sure, and it's a man that stabbed a woman 27 times or 47 times, sumthin' like that. I look forward to seein' all of you on the afternoo ... known ... news ... afternoon news out there protestin' his execution. But, wait, he's white.

I am sick of Paint the Town Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone is aware of breast cancer. ... Instead of buying pink t-shirts, we should send donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. ... Only through research will we find a cure. Not by wasting money on pink products.

... I ... I was scannin' the Internet ... tryin' to find out the up ... things comin' up in Washington, D.C., and to my amazement ... November the 23rd ... will be Transvestite Day in Washington, D.C. All the transvestites will be there and havin' a good, glorious time.

I was callin'. I just finally had to comment on sumthin. ... I see in the Soundoff sometimes that ... everybody wants a red light or a turn signal light at some of these intersections. I agree that some intersections probably do need a red light. ... But, come on, people! Just learn to drive. ... I tell you what. Let's make everybody happy. ... Let's put a red light ... at every intersection in the county. Whether it be a ... public road ... or a driveway. That'll make 'em happy.

I think we needed more input on the policeman that was killed instead of the one that killed the policeman. ... The Bible says life for life and we need to keep up the death penalty ... and ... keep ... quite havin' so many ... takin' care of in the prison. ... To the family of the policeman, I lift my ... hand in thanks to you .

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