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October 12 - "Our churches today are complicating the recipe for a thriving church by adopting
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Our churches today are complicating ... the recipe for a thriving church ... by adopting the world's methods for motivating people. ... What we really need is the clear, concise teaching of God's Word. It alone is the greatest motivational technique ... God gave His people.

Gene Lyons finally said something I can agree with ... He said that all fools were not Republicans. ... He must have been looking in the mirror.

So, Michael Moore is pulling his books off of Georgia bookshelves in protest of the Troy Davis execution? ... Hallelujah! At least some of the dribble is off the bookshelves.

I'm tired of hearin' about Troy Davis. If he'd a been white, he would've been executed in 2007. Let it rest!

I really miss ... having the weather on channel 2 ... because ... when the weather is changing, it tells me how I need to dress. I hope we get it back.

You know, I commend Georgia Southern, just like any other resident in Statesboro and ... we love the people there. ... But in 6 o'clock in the mornin' when everybody's tryin' to get to work ... and the police come and stop traffic just so the Georgia Southern football team ... can come by in their ... bus ... I don't think so. I ... I mean ... I don't quite understand that part. ... They're no different from anybody else when it comes to traffic.

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