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October 12 - "Georgia Southern students, think long and hard about stadium expansion and a move to a
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Georgia Southern students, think long and hard about stadium expansion and a move to a higher level in football. ... If we're losing in game two and beating Elon by only three points, how competitive will we be ... in the highest division in college football? Sometimes it's best to be a big fish in a little pond.

This message is for Georgia Southern ... and Paulson Stadium. Please turn down the volume on the PA system. I sit in section B. ... It is so loud, it is deafening! ... Todd Deal has a wonderful, wonderful voice, but between that ... and the ... music, it is absolutely deafening to the point people are putting their fingers in their ears. ... Please, please, please, turn down the volume. Every single season, it is just outrageous! ... Please! Turn it down before the next game. Thank you.

When I lived in the northeast, I was a registered Republican. ... When I moved to the Midwest, I became an Independent. ... When I moved to Georgia and met the Republicans here ... I became a Progressive Democrat. Hallelujah! God bless America.

The ignorance ... of one voter in a democracy ... jeopardizes the security of all.

Wake up, America! ... We ... we have to have our IDs for everything we do in America. ... So, surely something as 'portant ... important as ... voting for the president of the United States, you would definitely have to have an ID ... to vote. ... Hello! That's your sign. ... And if you want to save America, vote Obama out. ... Please vote Obama out and save America. ... Thank you ... and God bless America.

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