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October 10 - Let's draft Heather Merritt to run for city councilwoman. Even a Democrat like
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Let's draft ... Heather Merritt ... to run for ... city ... councilwoman. Even a Democrat like I would vote for her. ... Tell it like it is, Heather. You go, girl!

After the performance of the city council ... when faced with the Tea Party members, I think it's clear the Tea Party needs to nominate members for the city council because each and every one of them needs to be replaced. ... With the possible exception of Mr. Chance, who's the only one who voted against the settlement. The way this city is run, is a travesty and somebody should file ... an F-O-I-A ... request for the termination agreement so that we can see what's really goin' on in this city. It's ... it's sad.

Id we're going to stop socialism, we all ... must get out and vote. God bless.

You know all those Republican candidates that will not speak to any reporters or news media except Fox, how are you going to stand up to al-Qaeda if you refuse to stand up to reporters not employed by friendly Fox?

In Thursday's Statesboro Herald ... Newt Gingrich is callin' the Democrats the party of food stamps while there's five pages ... of foreclosures. ... Why don't you people wake up to the fact that the Republicans are mocking you ... when this country's in the worst economic downturn since The Great Depression and they blame you and ... and mock you? Wake up, people.

Just wanted to say it's good to see ... construction ... movin' around again. ... I noticed ... on the early morning drive ... for about the last six months, it's been really slow, so, maybe we are ... slowly turning out of this recession.

In today's October 7th paper, on page 8, you have a picture of a red-brown king hound female spayed ... named Norma Jean. ... Why is this family givin' it up? ... If she's not a family pet ... if she's a family pet, why they givin' her up? And then there's a picture of a little girl. ... This family should be ashamed. You don't put a picture ... of a ... dog beside a little girl and then say it's a family pet. If she was a family pet, they should be keepin' her.

There is a mood among world leaders today ... to unite and create a new world order ... even a one-world government. ... There will be an ultimate one-world government ... ruled by Christ some day. From His throne in Jerusalem. Until then, God intends for nations to draw their strength from Him, not from each other.

I can't believe that the city council is draggin' its feet in helpin' First Baptist. ... With any other $11 million project, you would ... you would ... it would seem that the city council would be jumping up in the air ... to help them out.

After reading the article in the paper about the O'bummer administration's ... handlin' of the Gulf oil spill ... I got to wonderin' if perhaps his tack had rubbed off on the Statesboro City Council. ... Why all the secrecy and side-steppin' of the news? ... Shouldn't the citizens of Statesboro ... know what's goin' on in this city?

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