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November 7 - I just wanna say that whoever turned off the lights at Mill Creek Park tonight before
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I just wanna say that whoever turned off the lights at Mill Creek Park tonight before the U-12 ... All-Star children got to their cars ... made it very dangerous for those children to be in the parkin' lot. ... That was rude and ... not necessary.

What a surprise. ... Congressional Republicans suppress findings by the Congressional Research Service ... showing tax cuts for wealthy ... doesn't grow the economy and create jobs. ... Republicans prove again they won't accept ... or deal with the facts. ... Why should anyone trust and respect this party anymore?

This year was the hottest on record for the United States ... which has seen the hottest month and now the biggest storm ... and the weirdest heat wave ever. ... Gee, I wonder what's causing all this.

This is about the ... GSU and App game on Saturday. ... Could someone please explain to me how thousands of fans - including App's own fans - could see a receiver ... step out of bounds and the officials couldn't see it? ... I know there's bad blood between the two schools because I, myself ... have had my flags broken off my car ... at App ... and dead birds ... put on the windshield. ... But ... I would like someone to explain this to me. ... Thank you.

In 1778, at the meeting of the convention in Philadelphia ... Benjamin Franklin made the motion to those assembled that the convention should not proceed without an openin' prayer each day. ... He said, 'God governs in the affairs of men.' ... And that God ... needs us to have prayer ... because the prayer was the foundation stone in our country's beginning.

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