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November 6 - "This message is for the K Kiwanis Club fair members. Thank you for all that you do
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

This message is for the K ... Kiwanis Club ... fair members. Thank you for all that you do for Statesboro and the surrounding counties. However, I have one complaint. I don't think that it's safe that elementary school kids have to wait until 8 p.m. ... on Friday to receive a wrist stamp. Why can't parents pay regular ... regular price ... for an unlimited wrist stamp since they're only ... a few rides ... instead of making them wait until the college students and teens come out to take over the fair?

To the blue BMW on Highway 80 around 7 o'clock on Friday night ... that cut off the 18-wheeler in front of Anderson's store ... and then passed me goin' at least 80 miles an hour: I got your tag number and I reported you to the Georgia State Patrol for erratic driving. I hope they catch you before you endanger somebody's life. ... Have a good day and drive safe.

If we taxpayers are paying for the Mill Creek ... Trick-or-Treat or whatever it's called ... we need our money back. It is the most disorganized ... dangerous thing I've ever seen. No supervision. ... There's no lighting ... where the ... blow-up ... things are. It is absolutely atrocious! And here we are with no traffic control ... sitting in line 15, 20, 30 minutes to get outta this place. ... We taxpayers need refunds.

To the person that called in about armadillos ... and to the person that called in about a problem or problems with squirrels ... go to Lowe's. ... Over on the right-hand side where they keep the fire ant bait at ... you will find on the right-hand side of the aisle several repellents that's ... designed to repel these animals. I'm usin' it right now to keep squirrels from tryin' to tear into my attic ... and it is workin'.

The Statesboro High School Blue Devils have had a great ... football season. ... I would like to congratulate them. ... They are going to have to pass the ball ... more if they ... are goin' to be state champs.

This is for the low-life that trashed the driveway of the elderly couple ... on Dogwood Court. ... You ought to have ... respect enough not to do that to elderly people's driveway.

I noticed the administration is not bragging about the ... half billion they gave to a company that was supposed to ... manufacture an electric car. ... It could be ... because the jobs and everything else will be in Finland. Next time, make sure these ... incentives will be in the United States.

The new defi ... definition of a millionaire - according to the Obama administration - is you have a job and you receive a paycheck.

I wish there was a like button ... for Soundoff ... just like there is for Facebook. ... Article about ... being the millionaire and having to ... hire ... idiots that ... wanna just work for a paycheck ... or just show up for a paycheck. I love it. Also, the one about people rejecting the Bible. ... So true. If it ain't ... up to your standards, it's nuthin' any good. Bye!

... I was wonderin' who was in charge of the red light timin' on the lights at ... Country Club Ro ... Road and the veterans bypass. ... Wow! Twelve seconds is just ... barely enough time for one vehicle to cross the bypass. ... I just wondered if maybe this is a scam to catch people runnin' red lights. ... Thanks!

... I would just like to say ... that Stan York ... the former chief of police, should have sued the City of Statesboro. He was badly mistreated. ... Also, Judy McCorkle should have gotten more. She should receive more for she was fired. ... But just stop and think who instigated ... and manipulated these ... lawsuits. ... Just figure it out. It's not hard to figure.

For a really special Halloween treat, ride down ... College Boulevard and go very slowly ... by house number 408 College Boulevard. ... Take the children. They will just love it.... You ... will enjoy it, too.

Them shows that come on Me TV ... on channel ... one ... channel 3 ... SAV's ... stations ... you can look ... your chil ... your children watch one of them channels ... one of them sta ... stations, not worry about vulgarity ... homosexuality. ... It's clean cut old mo ... old shows like that. Like Petticoat Junction ... Beverly Hillbillies. You can let your children watch it without worryin' 'bout 'em. ... I wanna find out where Hooterville's at. ... 'Cause I got plans on movin' to Hooterville.

Come on, Statesboro Herald! ... I need my Monday mornin' paper! ... Please, please! Thank you.

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