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November 4 - "Yeah, al Qaeda is on the run. ... They're running to their next ... attack. ... Yep, O
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Yeah, al Qaeda is on the run. ... They're running to their next ... attack. ... Yep, Obama has them on the run. ... But there is hope. We hope ... their next attack is not in the U.S. ... Go, Barack, and take Eric Holder and Uncle Joe with you. ... Bye!

Reading some of the ludicrous attempts ... by some to defend Desouza's fact-free book about Obama ... reminds me of a quote from Romney, ‘It's not a lie if you believe it.'

I hope all you people out there that are ... voting in this presidential election realize who you're voting for. ... Especially if you work for a small business. ... If you vote for Obama ... you're jeopardizing your job. ... I should know. I have two small businesses. ... If Obama gets reelected and gets his ... policies passed ... my taxes will go up $60,000 next year. ... How do you think I'm gonna hire anybody else ... or give my employees a raise ... if that sort of thing happens? ... People need to wake up and smell the roses.

I love, love, love, the eagle at Savannah Avenue and East Main. ... It's perfect for that location. ... It celebrates the colorful bounty to be found at the farmer's market and the beautiful landscape of southeast Georgia. It's eye-catching and cheerful. It's great! Do you want all the eagles to be painted a realistic white and dark gray? That's boring! Open your minds and have some imagination.

This is in response to Carl Sears' letter to the editor ... on Sunday's paper. ... He's a fool for just ... spewin' out left-ring rhetoric ... the same thing that Obama's team's been spewin' out for months now. ... When are people gonna understand ... that this just is not working? Obama's ... plan for ... the future is the same as it's been for the past four years and we're still stuck ... in this ugly recession with ... high unemployment and high taxes. ... It's time for a change ... a real change this time.

America, the voice ... the choice is very clear. Food stamps or jobs? Which one you want?

Mitt Romney is for tax breaks for the wealthy, trickle-down economics, out-sourcing, and war in the Middle East; subsidize big oil ... 'liminating regulations ... and ignoring science. In other words, the Bush agenda. ... Same malarkey, different salesman.

Four years ago, Obama ... promised us hope and change. ... Today I have no hope ... and I only have a little bit of change in my pocket. Thank you, Obama.

Did you hear Obama say ... 'Mitt Romney is not one of us'? Of course not. Mitt Romney is not one of them. ... Mitt Romney is not a Muslim.

The first candidate for the city council District 1 vacancy ... who promises to pursue the hiring of a professional city manager here ... will be swept into office by a landslide.

This is where a photo ID is required: DMV, airports, hospital, pharmacy ... donating blood, banks, gun shop, writing a check, adoption agency ... Social Security office, pawn shops, jail, using a credit card, court, union elections. But not for voting? And whose disfranchise? Give me a break.

... This message is about the upcoming presidential election. ... I just wanted to call into Soundoff and 'courage folks to ... examine ... how they feel, how ... 'merica's doing ... in our current state and if they're ... not satisfied with how America's doing ... I wanted to call and encourage them to vote for ... new staff to be running our country. ... In other words, do not vote for the incumbents. Vote for the challengers so we can have new people ... leading our country. Thank you.

  I think Anderson is right. ... These seniors are living too high on the hog. ... Cashin' them big 'ol Social Security checks and livin' off that Cadillac government health plan. I know corporations have made record profits the whole five years of the recession, but still they need our help. After all, they are the job creators.

In October 24th paper in Soundoff ... why bring a 9-year-old into ... a tick? ... A 9-year-old was ... put up to sayin' what they said if they said. Maybe some of these people need to get a job and come off of some of the programs. Teach this 9-year-old ... that if ... he wants something -- or she -- wants something, get a good education, stay in school ... and get a good job. ... You will not need these programs. ... It was just ... political. That's all it was ... and ... sad to bring a 9-year-old into somethin' like that. Thanks.

I was just wonderin' ... if anyone else in Statesboro ... thinks goats and chickens ... should be outlawed in the city limits. ... The smell is terrible. Thank you.

It's very comforting to know ... that Mitt Romney will save us from a nuclear Iran by rearming our military with the finest horses and bayonets available.

... Meth heads and metal theft seem to be a rising problem in our community. ... Now I see ... where they're stealing metal in broad daylight from places like churches and the board of education ... among other places. ... I hope our community can come together ... and try to clean some of this garbage up in today's society. It's a shame!

... My fellow Americans ... please save America. Vote Obama out! ... You've got to vote Obama out. ... Save America. God bless America. Thank you.

I just wanna let you know how successful ... and what the most positive result of the ... Cash for Clunkers program was. ... It took 95 percent of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.

To all the people calling in bragging about Obama and cursing Mitt Romney: look around. Gas prices have more than doubled. ... The economy is still in the tank. ... Foreign policy is nonexistent. The Middle East is in civil war. ... He's run off ... almost all our allies. ... What has he done to brag about?

What is our justice system coming to? ... We have a case in Savannah that is thrown out because the prosecution took too long to try the defendants. ... Now, Sandusky ... case, asks the judge to throw out his conviction because they didn't take long enough to prosecute him.

Friday, October 19th. ... I got an idea. Why don't we send ... President Obama ... to Libya? ... let his Muslim brotherhood ... friends protect him. ... He would at least have a fighting chance. ... Not like our ... ambassador did.

...It is amazing to me ... that you people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and medication ... somehow think that we can afford to pay for ... doctors, hospitals, medication ... and a government bureaucracy ... to administer it.

If you wanna stop the big spenders in Washington ... start holding your elections on the 16th ... April the 16th ... the day after we pay our income taxes. ... That'll discourage politicians from bein' big spenders.

... Congratulations are in order for our leaders in state government. ... I saw recently that Georgia is 50th in per capita ... state tax paid. ... We can't afford to fix our roads, much less make much needed new ones. Education on all levels is taking huge budget hits more than five years in a row. ... Class sizes are too large to teach. The important subjects have been eliminated. ... But no matter. What they promised was cheap government. ... Not good government. ... Since the only goal that the Republican leadership has ever had is to help the rich keep their money, I would say they have been hugely successful.

I just read on the Bulloch County web site where S&P raised the school district's bond rating ... because they've had such a proactive budget management ... and maintain strong reserves. What it doesn't mention ... is that they've done this because they haven't been paying their teachers what they deserve ... for the last five years. I think that's a shame.

The problem with many Republicans these days ... is that they believe American history started the day Obama took office. ... They believe the debt was zero; unemployment was zero and we had zero wars.

Well, suddenly in 2012 nobody wants the facts. ... They wanna run on fluff ... and bluff. But reality is this. ... In the Koran, it's okay to lie. ... Lying is good. And that's what you're hearing now. ... You're hearing lying ... and the politics ... that ... make you believe that they're one thing, but in reality ... not really they're big supporters of the Koran. ... That's why ... things are goin' the way they are! Wake up, America! ... You have someone in upper office ... that really doesn't love America! ... That will say anything to get elected. ... But loves the Koran."

... I went to the ... ladies' ... survivors fashion show and dinner at the First Baptist Church the other night ... and it was absolutely beautiful. My ... heart goes out to these ladies. ... And the dinner was very, very good. But there are some really rude people in that church and that's a shame! Because it certainly does not bode well ... for people to be coming in to their church.

... I was callin' about the article in the Soundoff 'bout the pine straw ... trailers. ... I got one dem trailers. If y'all folks wouldn't be tailgatin' us like y'all always do ... y'all might be able to tell if we ... if we was stoppin' or not. Thank you very much.

President Obama may have been all aggressive and gung-ho when he ordered the Navy SEALS to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. ... But where was all that gung-ho in Benghazi ... when former Navy SEALS Woods and Doherty were desperately calling for air support and backup? ... Where was the commander in chief? ... Seven hours later without a gun ship in the air, two American heroes were killed by Muslim extremists. ... Shame on you, Mr. President.

I'm just wonderin'. ... If Bulloch County Sheriff's Department, Statesboro Police Department and drug task force team is crackin' down so much on the meth and the drug use period in Bulloch County ... why don't they try goin' to any convenience store ... that is locally-owned or big chain, and you will see that we sell ... any pipes ... you wanna get. We have the ones with a little bowl on it. We have straight pipes. We got the pot-smokin' pipes. We got any kinda pipe. ... And look at the wraps. .... What are you ... you honestly think we gonna buy flavored wraps to ... roll tobacco in? Come on, now! ... Everybody is smokin' pot, smokin' meth, smokin' crack ... smokin' ... whatever you wanna call it, they're smokin' it. And you know what? ... Bulloch County's supplyin' it. Look at it. Y'all not crackin' down on that. How y'all gonna crack down on anything? I don't understand it. ... Please, Bulloch County. Do somethin'! Bye!

... They was talkin' 'bout Honey Boo-Boo. ... Say she look like Shirley Temple. No, she don't. She look like Honey Bear. ... Her daddy. She look just like her daddy ... and honey ... Shirley Temple was not fat. Honey Boo-Boo's fat ... and they country. Bye-bye!

When you're all alone and you're wounded on the Afghan plane ... and the women come to cut up your remains ... roll over, blow out your brains and go to your God like a soldier.

... I've just read in this mornin's paper about the First Baptist and different local doctors and dentists ... providing help for the ... fair ... group and I think that's a wonderful project that they do every year. But they need to stop and think that there's some in Bulloch County that's on the low income ... that receive ... help from the government, but there's that lower middle class that just barely get by that can't afford to have their teeth cleaned or ... see a doctor when it's necessary because their ... their paychecks are just stretched from week to week. ... It would be nice if once a year the community would do somethin' for that income people ... locally instead of just the fair committee thing that comes every year. Thank you.

I knew the Dawgs could do it and they'll keep on doin' it. The Bulldogs, I'm talkin' about. ... I was ... there durin' the Vince Dooley ... administration and he ... kept them goin'. ... Go, Dawgs!

While watching the TV advertisement featuring Autumn, a charter school student ... who was promoting passage of Amendment 1 ... 1, I realized that her comments really pointed out ... that there is already a procedure for establishin' quality charter schools in Georgia. ... It must be working well ... because she has her charter school. ... We don't need a separate ... bureaucracy in Atlanta ... that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars ... taxpayer money. ... Let's use the process already in place. It worked for Autumn. ... Vote no on Amendment 1.

... It is still hard to believe ... or understand ... that true Americans voted for someone ... with a name like Barack Hussein Obama ... from God knows where ... for president ... of the good ol' USA. No wonder the country is in such a mess.

I see that Bank of America is being sued for $1 billion for financial fraud. ... Conservatives say that corporations are people. ... But it's funny how these people never have to go to jail for their criminal activities.

...This is for the people who want to move ... GSU up to the next football bracket. ... Remember when the University of Massachusetts was a powerhouse ... in 1-AA? ... Look at them this year ... since moving up. ... They have won no games ... and lost eight. ... That's zero and eight. ... The same thing will be in the store for Georgia Southern if they move up. ... And, oh, by the way, today ... Georgia Southern is number one in the USA. ... Go, Eagles!

I don't know what it is about Bulloch County and Statesboro ... why they don't enforce the handicap parking. You go to the schools, people park in handicap parkin' with no stickers. ... You go to Walmart or the stores, peoples parkin' there with no stickers and the Statesboro police ... and Bulloch County does not enforce the handicap parkin'. They need to do it.

I want to thank Carmike Cin ... Cinemas for exhibiting, 'The Shakespeare Globe Productions.' ... I know that intellectual entertainment is probably not as profitable as animated features, action films ... romantic comedies and Tyler Perry farces ... but there is a solid segment of the Statesboro community that appreciates it. ... I ... I encourage that segment to make sure they patronize those films and I urge Carmike to make sure we know about it when these films are exhibited. ... Perhaps a special mailing list would be helpful.

Please take Gene Lyons ... out of Viewpoint ... section. ... He duhn't have much of a viewpoint. Thank you.

We need to pray ... to God in heaven that he will please give us a president who loves this country and everything it stands for. ... And to give us a president who respects You as the one true God. ... And to give us a president who will -- with Your help -- restore this nation to its former glory, the way You created earth.

At a time when the people in America need help ... our president is sendin' millions of dollars to Egypt and other foreign Islamic countries ... to rebuild their religious mosque ... and also support and pay for their Internet services. This is just unacceptable.

As Socrates said ... 'The unexamined life ... is not worth living.'

Recently ... a certain Republican candidate for congressman of the twelfth district ... was asked, 'How do you feel about the federal reserve?' ... His answer: he preferred the National Guard. ... I do not think we need a congressman that does not know the difference. Thank you.

... Just wanted to let the parents of Bulloch County know there's bullyin' goin' on in public schools and private schools. ... Both alike. ... Public and private schools. Bullyin'. Parents, remind your ... your ... children that they're gon' grow up one day and ... one day someone may be bigger than them. Thank you. Bye-bye!

Good mornin'. ... It amazes me how people will complain about their taxes ... and ... every year ... they vote to have someone ... who throws tax money ... at ... problems. Let's solve problems. ... Let's put a leader in the White House ... that can do the job, protect our troops, protect our country. ... I thank you. God bless you ... and have a great day.

Last week, there was an Associated Press article with photo ... on the front page ... showing a Republican woman crossin' over and voting for John Barrow. ...This is not really news and Associated Press was essentially ... giving John Barrow free advertising. ... I think you should do the same ... about a conservative Democrat ... crossing over to vote for Anderson.

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