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November 4 - "On Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham called for the spending of more than $2.1 bill
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On Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham called for the ... spending of more than $2.1 ... billion to rebuild Libya's infrastructure. ... Yet, he and his fellow Republicans ... voted unanimously against creating millions of jobs in America ... to repair America's infrastructure. ... Why do these idiot Republicans hate America and American workers so much?

The TEA Party protesters have a clear message in favor of lower taxes and less government. They leave all demonstration sites clean and litter-free. The occupied protesters are against capitalism, which is the concept that this great country was founded on. ... Their demonstration sites are absolute pig sties and they harrass bystanders and ... intimidate local business. They are abusing free speech.

With foreclosure notices continuing to appear in the Statesboro Herald ... for a long time now ... does the tax assessor's offices still stand ... by its statement that the housing crisis didn't much affect property in Statesboro and Bulloch County? ... That claim continues to seem just an effort to keep assessed values up for taxing purposes.

The tax spendin' policies of the federal guv'ment are Satan. ... The federal guv'ment has never substained or provided any long-term jobs. ... Well, the U.S. Postal Service and we see the ... the ... crap they in. They finna go broke any time now. ... Anything to do with the federal guv'ment is been a disaster. ... They're nuthin' more than a bunch of yahoos ... with a free checkbook to write checks they can't cash.

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