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November 30 - "... I live in the subdivision Pretoria Station on Burkhalter Road. ... We have some
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... I live in the subdivision Pretoria Station on Burkhalter Road. ... We have some people that live at the entrance comin' into our subdivision ... that certainly need to clean up their houses -- or yards -- and make things look a little presentble ... presentable. Everybody ... in the subdivision has their yards cleaned except a few houses ... and that's the first thing people see when they come to visit ... in the subdivision. ... There's dogs all over the front yard, toys all over the front yard, shrubbery growed up around the house. ... It actually looks disgustin'! ... And I wish the ones that -- if they read this -- would actually try to make the subdivision look a little better by the entrance. Thank you.

... You can certainly tell by the holiday comin' up this week. Gas was a lil' ... beginnin' to get a little more reasonable. ... But all the gas places hike it up 'cause they know people tryin' ... might go somewhere for Thanksgivin'. I think it's ridiculous that they're allowed to do that.

I know many are hurt and angry over the reelection of Obama ... but let me tell you two things to make you feel better. ... The first is that much of what you don't like about Obama is probably not true. ... Huge numbers of lies and half-truths were circulating during the campaign ... and people who already didn't like 'im passed them on as true. ... The second is that unless you are very well off financially, you'll probably feel better with an Obama presidency ... than with a Romney presidency.

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