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November 30 - I just read this mornin' in the paper the article about the clinic for the city empl
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I just read this mornin' in the paper ... the article about the clinic for the city employees. I think that's wonderful. ... And when I look at the prices and so forth, that's great. But why on earth can't somebody have somethin' for senior citizens? ... You oughtta stop, think how many can't take medicine, how many have to choose between medicine and food. ... Someone, please help people who can't help themselves. ... Thank you.

To the partisan liberal ... that keeps calling Soundoff ... about ... the TEA Party and the negative comments. Quit posting ... incorrect information. ... The post you are talking about was from a blog and it was from a blog person ... writing about her feelings. It was not official TEA Party Nation information. And you are ... wrong! Flat out wrong! And you know it!

I don't know why the post office wasted money puttin' stop signs up. ... Every time I go into the post office, I think I'm the only one that stops at them signs because everybody runs the stop signs. I came in there today and almost got run over by a man in a little red ... Ford Ranger 'cause he was runnin' that stop sign. ... Either enforce the stop signs or take 'em up.

So, the TEA Party individual ... wants to keep our country ... from becoming a part of the glo ... global ... socialist union. ... The only way to avoid this is to get Obama out of the White House. ... I say more power to the TEA Party ... Fox News, the Republican Party and anyone else ... who enjoys living in a free country. ... God bless America ... and have a nice day ... at work. Thank you.

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