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November 3 - Reverend Bressler's column on October 21st was entitled, 'No matter the belief, destiny
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Reverend Bressler's column on October 21st was entitled, 'No matter the belief, destiny is the same.' The Bible is very clear that Jesus is the only way to Heaven ... and that there will be people that do not enter the gates of Heaven because they chose to reject Jesus. ... I encourage those of you reading this column not to be misled by his misguided opinions. Read the Bible for yourself. It is completely accurate, truthful and life-changing throughout. ... It will provide the true hope you are looking for.

While appreciating Rev. Bressler's ... humor and warmth ... concerning the after-life ... I'm confused ... by the apparent contrast between his quoting Jesus as ... the one who ... for whom ... we live and believe. ... And if we believe in Him, we shall never die. ... And then his apparent conclusion that we will all ... be having the same ... destination in the after-life. Sorry, can't have it both ways.

Somebody please tell me that the modern-day woman is not ... a Jezebel ... There's got to be some left with some morals and values ... and self-respect ... that don't have like a ... a modern-day 21st century bimbo. ... But it's hard to find 'em.

Georgia Southern is not... the number one team in the nation. ... You will see this when they play Alabama. ... Thank you. Bye.

The Statesboro waste water treatment plant has really been smellin' nasty lately. ... Aren't there chemicals that are supposed to be used to prevent this odor? ... We don't want Statesboro to get the reputation of smelling' like crap.

... The Iraq and Afghanistan wars that you reported costing $1.3 trillion ... cost a lot more than that. Just look at post-traumatic stress disorder with the vets. More like 3 or 4 trillion.

Georgia Southern is the number one team ... in their class. ... They're not the number one team in the nation. ... I don't remember ... Georgia Southern ever beatin' a 1-A team.

A letter to the editor said that Cain's 999 tax plan was simple and fair. Baloney! Cain's inane and regressive plan will increase taxes on a family of four making $50,000 by more than $4,600 ... while greatly reduced taxes for the very wealthy more than 45 percent.

Some ... thing to ponder. ... Walking into a restaurant. Walkin' into Wal-Mart. Walk into a grocery store. ... Someone gets out of their automobile. You're there with your family. Their pants are half-way down, close to their knees. Their under ... wear is showing. Just how decent is that? How educated is that? Think about it. ... Where ... has our society gone? Come on! ... Think about that. It's embarrassin'. It's ridiculous. ... It's amazing that anybody with any common sense would dress like that.

Our illustrious senators, Chambliss and Isakson, recently voted against a creation of ... 38,200 new jobs in Georgia. ... Thanks a lot, guys, for again not looking out for the best interests ... of the people of Georgia you swore under oath to defend and represent.

I hope whoever took ... the pink jacket ... out of the ... hospital's radiology department ... at the hospital ... I hope that you really needed it.

Danger, danger! ... That three-second left turn light off the bypass onto Highway 80 West ... is goin' to get someone killed. ... What a mess! Fix it soon, please.

This is about the little ol' 80-year-old woman ... payin' $1342.44 just in school taxes. ... I believe those taxes are based on the value of one's property. ... She needs to either get rid of the property ... or pay the taxes and move on.

I agree with the ... with the ... other caller that said the Dancing With the Statesboro Stars was wonderful. But Debbie Gleason and Chet were wonderful. They should've gotten first place. ... Next year, please get judges that have no connection with the dancers. ... Preferably, somebody from out of town. It was really unfair. It was for a good cause ... and I would certainly buy another ticket, but it was unfair to the dancers that prepared so hard ... to miss out on the ... the award they should've gotten for doin' a really good job.

The Republicans have told us they don't think the president's job bill will work. Okay, let's take a look at their jobs' bill. ... Except we can't. They have proposed no jobs bills. Jobs and the economy are the number one problem for most people these days. ... But the truth is it isn't a big deal to the Republicans. Corporate America, the people who put them in office, is thriving. The unemployment rate is working fine for them. It just keeps their labor costs down.

... I live in a little subdivision off Old Leefield Road in Brooklet. ... And I see everyday these two children - small children - riding a ... 'dult-size four-wheeler. ... I've actually seen 'em tip it twice ... in the cul de sac. ... I'm talkin' a very ... little girl. She couldn't be no more than 4 or 5. ... I'm just not sure where the parents are. ... You know, as many deaths ... have been on ATVs, I can't understand it. ... Anyway, watch your children closer. ... They're gonna get hurt. Have a good day.

... You parents that's got teenage boys that live in subdivisions ... had better know where they at ... at night and in daytime and what they're doin'. ... Shootin' on other people's property ... surroundin' property. ... Or there's gon' be some serious consequences.

This is to my fellow deer hunters. ... Please take the remains of what you got ... back out there in front of that deer stand ... put it out ... on top of the ground ... and set there the next afternoon ... and kill the coyotes. ... Now, don't make us all look bad. ... Thank you.

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