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November 3 - "President Obama, bless his heart ... took $750 billion of your hard-earned tax money
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

President Obama, bless his heart ... took $750 billion of your hard-earned tax money ... and bailed out several ... green companies, Solendra, Inner ... One, Beacon Power ... to name a few. All seven of 'em went bankrupt. Oh, and by the way, they were big campaign donors ... when he ran for president. ... How does that figure in for you?

To all the people of the world ... who leave your animals, your unwanted animals, next to other people's doorstep ... at the convenience store, at the Dumpster, wherever in the hell else that you leave 'em 'cause you don't want 'em no more. ... How special it is for you ... to shuck your responsibility and put it off on somebody else by doin' that. ... That is so special and I'm so appreciative ... you ... what kind of people ... are you?

A Democratic Party yo-yo ... said a few days ago and I quote ... 'We have to win this election. No matter what ... it takes.' Watch out, folks.

All of you people in those big SUVs and pickup trucks ... who like to turn left in front of Grandma. ... Just because she's in a ... car does not mean she is intimidated. ... You better think again because she may not be able to stop next time.

The light on Brannen Street coming from Cawana Road to the bypass ... that light needs to be green longer. ... You can only get about three cars through the intersection and everybody is backed up all the way to Commerce Drive. ... Thanks. Bye.

... I have been by the Republican headquarters several times in the last weeks ... as others have also ... I know and ... they are never open. ... I know as a Republican, we all have to work. Could you please ask someone to post the dates and times the headquarters are left open? Thank you.

I think the show called, 'The View' ... with Whoopi Goldberg stinks! ... When Michelle Obama was on there, all she could ask her about ... was, "Is your husband romantic?' ... But when Ms. Romney's on there, she drills her about her Mormon faith ... his military service ... and their view on abortion. ... You talk about a biased show. That show really stinks!

Would some of you intelligent Democrats please tell me ... why it is greed to want to keep the money I've earned ... but it's not greed ... for you to wanna take somebody else's money?

We're always blaming Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Christians, Hispanics, and on and on. ... But it is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of makin' decisions ... than by putting those decisions in the hands of people in Washington who pay no price for being wrong!

It's amazing listening to conservatives arguing ... we can never cut defense, but we can cut education. ... The only country that could really invade America is America. ... If we continue to cut education, we'll eventually have a populous of idiots ... with lousy, menial jobs ... that won't have enough money to pay for defense.

Let me make myself clear. I will not vote for any candidate ... that has their sign ... in a public right-of-way. ... Learn ... the ordinances.

The cat you abandoned in my rural neighborhood is not my new pet. It's road kill. ... Take responsibility for your pets.

Would the owners of the property that is vacant at 104 Lincoln Street ... in the Grove Lakes subdivision south ... please clean up the yard and carport? ... Weeds are nigh ... are knee-high to waist-high. Trash and garbage on ... carport. Don't want snakes and rats roamin' around. ... Clean up or we'll contact the county. ... This is an eyesore for the street ... that has all well-kept yards. ... Thank you.

... The truest way of describing ... first four years of the office ... another day older and deeper in debt. Thank you.

What are you people thinking ... putting a housing project on Zoutrell ... Zett'rower Road? ... That's disgusting. We're ... there's ... four or five pages of closures ... foreclosures every single Thursday. Take a ride down Stockyard Road and look at that little example of cobblestone or whatever it is. ... It went bust and it's a mess back up in there. ... You don't need to be puttin' up no more houses. You got plenty of 'em that are empty ... and people that need housing, not more housing.

The Bulldogs did it again. ... I knew they could come through. ... Thank you, Bulldogs."

The Statesboro Herald is such a liberal Democratic paper and is doing whatever it can to try and elect ... reelect Obama. ... It's too bad it will never put my Soundoffs about ... how you have people in there who ... make racist comments about Denise Desouza. You won't put my comments about that and you publish a letter from some idiot in Waycross about how bad Romney is. ... Well, you know, the Democrats don't have anything to defend. ... Then all they can do is attack Romney. You can't defend Obama. He's run up the debt. He's run up gas prices. He's ruined our medical care. He's pushin' us to the financial Armageddon. ... That can't be defended, so all they gotta do is attack Mitt Romney. Thank God Mitt Romney is gonna win this election ... and get rid of not the coup, but the absolute incompetent idiot who was only elected because he happened to be black.

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