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November 29 - "This is to every so-called Christian who voted for President Obama. ... Because you v
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This is to every so-called Christian who voted for President Obama. ... Because you voted for a president who does not stand for godly values, you stepped away from God's protection and God's blessing. ... It is apparent that you never have read the Holy Bible. ... You rebelled against God and made President Obama your idol! Therefore, when hardship and sorrow and grief comes upon you, just remember, you reap what you sowed. It was your choice!

It is unfortunate ... that an incorrect call by officials at the GSU-Georgia game ... took all momentum away from GSU. ... The timing is terribly suspicious. ... It appears that those officials ... did not dare to allow GSU to be leading 14-10 ... at halftime. This is completely unacceptable to the public and absolutely unfair.

... All the schools ... that plays in Statesboro High region ... won this week. ... Statesboro one and done again. ... The same as last year ... one and done in the playoff. ... I know we have ... good athletes out there. Isn't it time for us to evaluate our coach? ... Thank you.

I am wondering ... when the media will start reporting that while Hostess was trying to cut bakers' pay by 8 percent ... benefits by 17 percent ... and eliminate their pensions if CEO gave himself a 300 percent raise while filing their bankruptcy. ... So, yeah, let's blame the 18,000 workers making less than $25,000 a year ... for Hostesses' bankruptcies.

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