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November 29 - I would just like to say it's just not Georgia Southern where we've got problems at.
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I would just like to say it's just not Georgia Southern ... where we've got problems at. It's everywhere. Not just around the colleges. ... We've got ... you got to realize times are hard. The 'conomy ... and ... who do we've got to think for that? You thank your president. That's why the 'conomy is like it is ... and everybody's out there tryin' to make a dollar and ... do what they can. ... But it's just not the college. It's everywhere. ... And you can thank your president for that.

Time and time again, I go to these schools to pick up my grandkids. ... And you got these lazy ... parents parkin' in the handicap spots and not handicap. ... Need to watch it. ... Gon' get tickets for it.

To the ignorant person in Soundoff ... regarding ... the elections. ... The president ... is decided by the globalists. ... And as long as I'm bein' taxed ... whether I vote or not, I have the right to complain.

... I noticed in Soundoff yesterday ... somebody wrote back and said somethin' about the school teacher. ... That it wasn't the school teacher's responsibility to take care of the children. It was parents. Well, by the way ... that was ... a parent. But she was also a teacher. ... So, that is why I said ... the teacher. ... She is his parent. She's his teacher ... and she's his parent and she's his teacher.

My dad used to tell me, 'Boy, you don't study ... you gon' end up ... diggin' sewers.' ... And, boy, was he ever wrong. ... You can make $100,000 a year in the city of Statesboro diggin' sewers.

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