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November 26 - I just want to say a big thank you to the city for repairing that bumpy intersection
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I just want to say ... a big thank you to the city for repairing that bumpy intersection at ... East Brannen and South Zetterower Avenue. ... All of us are so grateful. It is now so smooth. ... Thanks again, City of Statesboro.

Somebody should tell ... Sam Baker and Rusty Cram ... that the ... Hanner Fieldhouse only seats 5,000. ... They were tryin' to claim there was 10,000 ... people there when ... we got ... badly defeated by georgia the other night. ... But that that rate, you'd ... each person in there would have had to have somebody sittin' on their lap and all seats would've had been gone to get over 10,000. ... This is more of the garbage they hand out in that program out there.

For all you businesses out there ... that are banning Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas ... and Santa Claus. ... You need to get your act together. This is our cultural and ethnic beliefs. ... And if others from other countries ... are offended, they need to go back home. They don't treat us that way over there and we shouldn't treat them that way over here. ... Now, I'm against this kinda stuff.

Fellow Christmas shoppers ... I think every time you walk in a store while shopping for Christmas and you get greeted by 'Happy Holidays' ... instead of 'Merry Christmas' ... they're just tryin' to avoid the true meaning of Christmas. You should just say, 'Merry Christmas ... no, thank you,' tuurn around and leave, go find you a good shop that still honors Christmas.

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