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November 25 - This is in response to the student in the Tuesday Soundoff who would like to have mo
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

This is in response to the student ... in the Tuesday Soundoff who would like to have more community involvement ... by putting up flags around the city ... when we have ball games. ... Hello! Are you not aware of all the volunteer work ... from community people ... and you're not aware of all the donations of food and other things that are given ... to special events? ... And also, are you not aware of the million and a half dollars that is collected ... on ... Day for Southern from this community? ... Forget about the flags. ... I think we're doin' okay for Georgia Southern.

To the TEA Party hater who ... he keeps calling Soundoff. ... The web site that you listed ... is not an official TEA Party site. ... It is from ... a TEA Party ... lover who actually just has his own web site. ... It is not an official site. Get your facts straight. ... You can hide from your own words if you use a blog.

This is a comment that was ... made in the ... Wednesday paper 'bout they don't understand that why Michael Jackson ... doctor was ... went to prison ... when O.J. Simpson ... got off. And they say it's not right because Michael Jackson was a ... dope addict ... and said that ... and made the statement that I am a white person. Well, this is to the person that made the statement ... and I am a black person. ... What comes ... what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So, get a life and don't worry 'bout what's goin' on free of your life.

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