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November 25 - This is in reference to the new humane shelter, which is really nice, but it could s
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... This is in reference to the new humane shelter, which is really nice, but it could serve its purpose much better. But why aren't the animal control officers making more of an effort ... to pick up the many cats and dogs left at Dumpsters®? ... What is it going to take? ... by a pack of dogs ... or a rabies outbreak to get your attention? ... We have many children around here at risk. Not to mention, many starving animals, which have no food, no water and no shelter. This is a concerned citizen. Thank you.

... Thank you, board of commissioners, Bulloch County. ... My insurance has just doubled because you didn't build the promised sub stations. ... When will you people do what you say you're going to do instead of doing bait and switch? ... Everyone in this county would've done paid for their buildings by now.

I have been an employee of the city of Statesboro for over 30 years. Myself and most of my fellow employees haven't had a raise in three years. ... Now some new guy - name Parker - just been on the job a little over the month and he gets a thousand dollar a month raise. ... Can anybody spell ... familiarity?

... Someone was askin' me where to get that ... they just moved to Statesboro and they're askin' me where to get their license renewed and I thought the DMV out on 301. Then I thought, oh, no! ... I don't want them to go out there. It' looks terrible. There's trash all in front of the building. It looks ... hideous! ... Please don't go out there. You'll think we live in a trashy county.

    A thousand dollars a month raise for a temporary new guy? What a bunch of crap!

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