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November 23 - Obama has stopped construction of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the coast of Te
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Obama has stopped construction of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the coast of Texas until after the 2012 ... presidential election. ... This was done to appease his environmental wackos. ... This pipeline would have created thousands of good-paying shovel-ready jobs. ... It would also decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. ... The Canadians will probably sell this oil to the Chinese. ... He's also tryin' to stop Boeing Aircraft from building a plant in South Carolina ... to build the new Dreamliner airplane. ... He's doing this to appease the union because South Carolina is a right-to-work state. ... Thank you.

... I was born in America. How come my native languages aren't on phones? Why's it only one for English, two for Spanish? Where's Cherokee ... Dakota, Delaware, all those languages?

Why do callers ... bashing the TEA Party ... always sound so ignorant? ... Whoever is programming them ... needs to educate them. Thank you and have a nice, informed day.

This crap goin' on in Pennsylvania with the feetsball ... dude bein' involved with the crap ... it just ... shows what America's priorities are. They're stupid! ... Feetsball is a game. A game, I tell ya! ... There's a time in this country's history when games were played by children in the yards. ... Now they make such a big deal outta feetsball ... basketball ... somebody shootin' a hoop. ... Too stupid to do anythang else. Play feetsball ... a game, a game, a game!

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