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November 22 - This is to the person that called in about us businesses that didn't fly a flag in sup
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This is to the person that called in about us businesses that didn't fly a flag in support of Georgia Southern this past weekend. ... If you think that's the only way you can support a team, you're crazy. ... K may not have flown a flag in front of my business this weekend ... but I did donate $3,000 to the Georgia Southern Boosters, which helps pay for scholarships for young athletes ... pays for their equipment ... and stuff like that. ... Get your facts straight, Buddy. ... Don't be ignorant. There's other ways to support a team.

I think the best way to stop scrap metal and copper wire stealing is to stop the people that are bringing ... that are buying it. ... The recycling centers that are buying it. ... I also think the people of Bulloch County would like to know how some criminals are allowed to pay off ... a probation amount to stay out of jail.

I would like to buy some Christmas decorations that were made in the USA. ... Unions have driven manufacturing offshore and now nothing seems to be made in the USA anymore. Is there some place ... that I can buy Christmas decorations that are not made in China?

... I would like to thank the person who found my hearin' aid ... in Applebee's parkin' lot and hung it on my Jeep door handle. ... It was a $4,500 hearin' aid ... and would have ... probably ... been ... flattened by a car tire. Thank you.

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