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November 20 - Please be safe this winter. If you have to heat with wood, have your chimney clean
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Please be safe this winter. ... If you have ... to heat with wood, have your chimney cleaned and fireplace checked. I just had Ivey Chimney Sweeps ... a Statesboro Herald advertiser ... clean my chimney and it was very much in need of cleaning. He did a great job. Did it on time. ... Was spotlessly clean inside the house ... and did it for the price quoted. He's a good advertiser and he did a good job.

This is for Bulloch County and Bulloch County Task Force. ... Y'all so busy tryin' to clean up all the neighborhoods and everythang, but you can't even get the child molesters out the neighborhoods. Y'all done caught ... the same child molester three different times and let 'im go 'cause he give you a different alias. ... Come on, now, what really is that about? ... Y'all wanna stress all the lil' petty lil' ... stuff goin' on in the neighborhoods. You caught the same dude three times and let 'im go.

Republican ... Senator ... Jim Dement recently voted against the jobs bill aimed at hiring veterans calling it a trick by President Obama and Democrats. ... Are you kidding me? ... How clueless and spiteful is this clown? Dement is the poster child of the draft-dodging chicken hawks ... that populate the corporate Republican TEA Party. ... Flag pin on his lapel ... yellow ribbon on his car antennae, mush for brains and blackness in his heart.

I think they need a special line ... for couponers because I am sick and tired of getting behind somebody with a ... giant-sized notebook full of coupons they're shuffling through at the register. It is disgusting and so are hoarders. What are you really gonna do with all that stuff?

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