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November 20 - How crass of our president. Ev'ry time the mike was in his face, he had somethin' in
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How crass of our president. … Ev'ry time the mike was in his face, he had somethin' in his mouth. He was chewing on something. Someone needs teach him some manners.

… I wish somebody would tell … the … the Tea Party lady that's workin' at … the flea market … stop bein' so rude to the children. … The children … can't … take … the rudeness from her. but maybe sometime the grown-ups can. … She hurts the kids' feelins. … They walk away and sit down. She takin' their self-esteem away from them because she got problems. All of … all those … TEA Party people seem to have problems at some time.

I'll guarantee you if the mayor or any of the city council members … that own a private business were to find one of their employees stealing — how little or how large doesn't matter — they would fire them in a heartbeat. But, yet, they're tellin' us just because they think he's doin' a good job, they're not gonna fire 'im for stealin'? … They're gonna pay for that at the next election.

A serious … white-collar … unconvicted criminal? … I thought in this country we were innocent until proven guilty? … Perhaps this is … the new administration. Thank you. Bye-bye.

When there is no COLA increase for Social Security recipients … there is no … increase in the amount deducted for Medicare insurance. We still pay the same amount. How sad that some of us don't know that and the newspaper prints it anyway.

I would just like to say one thing. A petty thief … is a petty thief … whether he's black or white. Why does … everybody want to … inject the race card in everythang? … Wow! We're all Americans, black or white. … I don't think it's comin' from the white side. Thank you. Bye.

To those who complain about gas prices: you want to really get p-o'd? Watch how much it costs you before the first drop of gas hits your tank. There isn't an accurate pump in Bullar … Bulloch County. Where are the inspectors when you need them?

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