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November 2 - You want people from out of town to come to the fair then let people from the south
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You want people from out of town to come to the fair ... then let people from the south side of I ... from ... Highway 67 ... get into the parkin' lot. ... Law enforcement officials were lettin' everybody come in ... from the north side ... of Statesboro ... but nobody from the south side. We sat there forever. We finally turned around and left. ... We won't try comin' to this fair again.

I'd like to ask Washington how come ... we gonna support Libya with millions of dollars ... but, yet, we're denying senior citizens ... who paid into retirement ... deny 'em the proper ... income or proper retirement. ... I can't understand that. Plus the fact all the money ... that they're sending to ... North Korea, South Korea, Libya ... Anyway, too many other nations. ... But we don't have money ... to support our senior citizens.

Please, please, please ... put the weather back on channel 2. ... And I also ... wanna comment on the ... paper puttin' the insides on top. I like that. ... Continue.

I have an idea for our next parade. ... Because the viewers left the streets and the sidewalks like a garbage dump ... why can't Keep Bulloch Beautiful have their own entry ... and pass out small plastic bags so that the viewers can put their trash in them? We have to pay for the people to clean 'em up, so, we'd still be payin' for the bags. Thank you.

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