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November 19 - In mid-October, Melissa Brookstone, one of the leaders of TEA Party Nation, called f
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In mid-October, Melissa ... Brookstone, one of the leaders of TEA Party Nation, called for small businesses to pledge not to hire anyone ... in a letter to members titled, 'Call for a strike of small businesses against the movement for global socialism'. ... If you watch something other than Fox News, you would know this.

In response to the ... kids stealin' ice a restaurant in Millen ... how 'bout not blame the teachers? Blame the parents, who are responsible for the kids' manners. ... The teachers are to teach them from books. ... They should already know their manners before they ever see the inside of a schoolhouse.

Constant cotton trucks. ... After cotton trucks go through the center of Statesboro on 301, logging trucks, one after another, and other 18-wheelers ... on Highway 80 through town. ... They have no business ... in the city limits of Statesboro. Our tax dollars made the bypass for this. ... Why isn't Statesboro transportation man doing his job? ... Other towns allow only delivery trucks within city limits. ... Perhaps ... if the city council people and department of transportation tried to cross these streets with a child in hand ... there would be immediate changes. ... Statesboro, you are irresponsible.

If anybody's missin' a golden retriever or a brown lab that just had puppies, he's across from Grimshaw Road ... sittin' on Rushin' Road in the ditch. ... He's not movin' a whole lot. Seems fine. ... It's been rainin'. He's soak and wet. He will not move. Somebody needs to come get this dog. I am so sick of people ... havin' animals and not takin' care of them. This world ... is ridiculous.

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