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November 18 - "Well, we see the election is over. ... We see that ... a vast majority of college stu
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Well, we see the election is over. ... We see that ... a vast majority of college students across the nation voted ... for Obama. ... Well, I hope that y'all learn a lesson in this value thing ... because ... he ... y'all fell for a promise that he can't fill. ... Fifty percent of ya can't get jobs now. This time next year ... 75 percent of ya won't be able to get jobs. ... So, go ahead and do your undergrad ... put more money on a bill that he ain't gon' pay and you're gon' be stuck with. ... Y'all have a nice day! God bless ya!

The economy destroyed by white-collar crimes ... were done by men of immoral character. ... They are not personally responsible ... for all of America's failings ... but are a symptom ... of America's spiritual illness most commonly ... referred to in previous centuries as sin. ... This is the connection that most fail to see. ... Where there is no God, there is chaos.

This is to the person that said ... that if you didn't like it in the United States you can move to Iraq, Afghanistan ... or Iran. ... Well, you won't have to move over there. ... If you'll just hang on long enough ... the United States will be just like 'em. ... 'Cause I have been tryin' to comprehend since the election how anybody ... could think more ... of a welfare check, Medicaid ... EBT card, food stamps ... than they did the Lord ... children ... and the country. So just hang in there and see what happens the next four years ... if you think the last four have been bad.

The reelection of John Barrow and Barack Obama showed ... that while corporate money from the Koch Brothers and the Sheldon Adelsons of the world can influence elections ... they cannot buy them.

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