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November 17 - For those of you who do not know TEA Party T-E-A stands for Taxed Enough Already
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For those of you who do not know ... TEA Party - T-E-A - stands for Taxed Enough Already. It has nothing to do with race or party. ... Just to do with paying tax.

It is indeed true ... that a column on the TEA Party web site ... did say, 'Don't hire people so we can hurt Obama.' ... Anyone can check it out for themselves ... and read it. ... A better response would be that the writer ... a Melissa Breakstone, is not a leader of the TEA Party and therefore her column may not represent those of the TEA Party.

I don't understand Bulloch County ... welfare system and ... neither child support system. ... I don't understand how is it that ... the non custodial parent cannot claim his kids on a child support return ... but you have a mother that doesn't work all year. ... She's the one that's doin' taxes. ... Someone needs to be put under investigation.

All you folks in District 2, you see what happened on Election Day. ... Well, one year from now, that same thing's gon' happen with the president if people don't get out and vote. ... So, if you not happy with the candidate, get out and vote. ... Can't complain if you don't.

The old school teachers from over around Millen need to start teaching children to be respectful? ... Really? ... No, I believe it's parents ... that need to start teaching their children to be respectful. Parents, it is our job ... to raise up our children properly and teach them to be respectful. Teachers can follow up, but it's not their job to raise our children.

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