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November 15 - "(Singing) Thank God for America. We have the right to say ... what we want to! I hope
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(Singing) Thank God for America. We have the right to say ... what we want to! I hope we last another four years. God bless America!

On Election Day ... we showed the rest of the world ... how open-minded, cool, new-age, 21st century ... and politically correct we are. God help us.

Thanks, Ms. Cartee, for another awesome ... Veterans Day program at Portal Elementary School. We thank you so much for honoring your veterans. ... Thank you and you do such a ... great job.

In reference to ... the president, Barack Obama, I just wanna say to all the people that are so angry that he won is that we should look ... that we all God's children ... and we shouldn't ... worry about what man says and we should worry about what God says and live for ... prayer ... our God, not for the man. ... And whether he chose ... whether he is helping the ... minorities and he ... he's helping the ... gay people ... they're people, too. ... And I say that keep your ignorance to yourself. If you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all. ... Thank you. And God bless my America.

To all y'all Mitt Romney fans: he lost. ..He was voted out. ... Obama was voted in. ... That's what the election are for. ... Your vote counted. ... He just lost. Deal with it.

If anybody's noticed, gas went down. Wonder why.

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