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November 15 - As a student at Georgia Southern why is it that Statesboro doesn't seem to support
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... As a student at Georgia Southern ... why is it that Statesboro doesn't seem to support the college ... the university? ... There ... there never seems to be any ... flags up or any support for our football games or anything like that . ... Shouldn't Statesboro have a bunch of Georgia Southern flags surrounding the city? ... I think that would be very nice. Thank you.

I was born in America and I shouldn't have to press 1 for English. ... Thank you.

Why would the TEA Party think they need to explain to people ... that the government spends too much money? ... How pompous and silly can a little group of people be? ... Anyway ... when the TEA Party comes up with a viable presidential candidate - rather than a far-right ... nut job - maybe they will get some respect. ... Not much, though.

If you are jobless, don't despair. Go to the local church or mission. Volunteer to work or help. People will see that you have a good heart, you're honest and willin' to work. Before long, God will bless you like never before.

The article is so misleading about Georgia Southern University armed robberies, saying that it has been two years since there were robberies on campus. ... Campus is a word defining the areas that are owned by Georgia Southern. I have two students that live across the street from the stadium. That area is private-owned, like many other areas there, and robberies and break-ins are an every day occurrence.

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