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November 13 - I can't believe we've got four more years ... of empty chair.
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I can't believe we've got four more years ... of empty chair.

Listening to the post-election silliness ... coming from the Republicans, still in their hermetically sealed bubble ... it is clear that the GOP will never win another national election ... until it distance itself from the phony consertive ... conservative nonsense ... spewed on Fox and talk radio.

Well, the takers out-voted ... the makers this go-round ... again. ... Thank you and bye-bye

On November the 6th, 2012, ... capitalism died and was replaced with a socialist, Marxist type of government. ... Apparently, a majority of voters prefer a type of government ... where their wants and needs will be ... provided by big government. ... Under this type of government ... everyone from the rich to the poor will become poor. ... The only people livin' a luxurious lifestyle will be the dictators and their friends. Thank you.

To the person in November 6th's Soundoff ... who said America deserves better. ... I disagree. ... America deserves exactly what it's gettin', if not more.

Government is best ... when they governs the least.' Thomas Jefferson.

Well, well, well, Statesboro, Obama won. Ha, ha, ha! In your face! Take that!

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