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November 12 - I'd like to complain about the DMV. They are hard to deal with. They don't understan
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... I'd like to complain about the DMV. They are hard to deal with. They don't understand anything. They just ... they in a world of their own. And ... please ... let's do something about it. Thank you very much. ... Bye! ... My name is William Freeman ... 510 Miller Street ... Apartment #7 ... help me. Please help me deal with these people. Thank you. Bye.

Fellow Bulloch Countians ... in the paper today, Friday ... that ... I like the way our ... leadership of the county advertises the SPLOST fund that they would like us to vote for. It's ... and it specifically says in the paper ... if you don't vote for it, we're gonna raise your taxes. I sure like bein' ruled by threats. And it is nothing but a threat. ... Thank you.

The hospital in Claxton continues to publish ... in the paper unsustainable dollar losses. ... Why doesn't East georgia Regional ... purchase it and operate it as a satellite or ... or clinic? ... Better than losing ... it, squandering away, as it's now doing.

I'd like to speak ... to the TEA Party people. ... If Mr. Cain ... is innocent ... why did he pay ... two women off to buy their silence? ... Think about it ... TEA Party.

Well, Alabama fan ... GSU may not be the number one team in the nation. ... But guess what? Neither is Alabama.

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